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This division works with specialist surgeons trained in Neuro, ENT and Craniomaxillofacial surgery. We offer product solutions to Neurosurgeons for tumours or bone removal, cranial access, cranial closure and nerve ablation. In the CMF field we have a comprehensive range of plates and screws for rigid fixation as well as a device for jaw rehabilitation. We offer ENT surgeons a range of middle ear solutions and to those treating neck cancer, a comprehensive voice rehabilitation portfolio.

What we offer

Bone Substitute

Our portfolio of products offers highly effective technologies for osteomyelitis, non-unions and reconstruction of bone defects for orthopaedic, trauma, spine and ENT surgery.

Drills and Attachments

Our wide range of drills and attachments in our product portfolio help you achieve the specific functionality you want across Neuro, Spine and ENT.

Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Device

OVD’s are non-active, clear and gel-like solutions with elastic properties, and are used during phacoemulsification cataract surgeries to protect the corneal endothelium and to facilitate intraocular lens insertion. Through ongoing scientific research and new discoveries, our product offering is constantly improving.

Ears, Nose, Throat

A wide range of product options used in ENT from standard procedures to more complex surgeries.

Paediatric Orthopaedics Device

Implants designed specifically for the paediatric skeleton for trauma and reconstruction.


Our portfolio includes ultrasonic aspirator and bone scalpel, as well as products for microdiscectomy.

Sports Medicine

This innovative range of implants and instrumentation are designed for joint preservation of the shoulder, knee and hip as well as small joints.

Upper Extremity Orthopaedics

Our portfolio of products offers a full range of options for fracture treatment and reconstruction of all bones and joints from the tip of the finger to the shoulder.