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Leverage Technology as a driver of change

Artificial intelligence, data powering, robotics, machine learning, biotechnology are all already deeply rooted into our daily lives. We have the growth-orientated mind-set that adapts to these modern technologies and embrace them to create powerful and consistent development in the healthcare industry.

Digital innovation breaks down silos between global technological advances and medical achievements. It provides us with the insights we need to discover new solutions, the tools we need to implement them and the education we need to move forward.

We Incorporate many digital channels into our infrastructure

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Health Research

Health Sensors and Tracking

Medical Education


Portable Diagnostics

Social Media

Telemedicine and Smartphones

We Embrace technology as an enabler for your business

As part of the Microsoft Gold Partner Network we have access to machine learning, artificial intelligence tools and high-tech analytics that help our partners make process- and data-driven decisions.

To enable the digital channels – we use SAP-integrated, cloud-based software that ensures a solid back office, maximises the value of your data assets and insight and leads you to digital transformation.

We look at digital enablement through three lenses:

We have a technical team of more than 90 people that carry a wide array of relevant skills such as JAVA, AngularJS, Blockchain Hyperledger, Apache Spark, Native iOS, and Android.

Back-office (SAP, Cloud)

Middle Office (enabling our sales reps e.g. on-site stock management and IoT devices)

Front Office (customer facing solutions e.g. remote ECG diagnostics)