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Bringing medical possibilities to life

Vertice MedTech was formed in May 2018 following a strategic partnership between the Amayeza Group and South African based investor, Ethos. As per the “buy and build” strategy, the next acquisition was Legacy Medical (July 2018), followed by Haemotec (Nov 2018) and LTE Medical Supplies (Feb 2019).

In April 2019, we started an Ophthalmology business (EyeCare) and have expanded our product range and agencies in the existing verticals. The second half of 2019 saw further acquisitions with Paragmed in November and Jumla Medical Supplies and Stratmed joining the group in December.

We are a scaled and diversified group of specialised medical service providers committed to bringing new, first-rate technologies to a wide spectrum of medical practitioners.

We provide the latest devices, software, processes and procedures that facilitate high care and quality treatment for all patients. Our clients and partners continually receive extensive training and comprehensive technical support as we strive towards better products, better services and more personalised customer experiences.

Sectors within Vertice

Together, there is no limit to what we can do

Our consolidation strategy aims to develop further partnerships for medical practitioners to discover and grow together. Ultimately, we aim to become a leading and trusted solutions provider for sustainable healthcare costs.

Good health is fundamental to a high quality of life. By connecting our combined healthcare expertise with the transformational potentials of data science, artificial intelligence and technology, we can make a real difference to the lives of patients across Africa. Scientific knowledge and innovation are the driving forces that allow us to give medical professionals the resources, insights and solutions they need to break barriers in the world of healthcare.

Our Vertice Roadmap

Medical Partners

Connecting healthcare industry leaders and technological innovations through growth-orientated partnerships