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Vertice MedTech Group

Vertice MedTechGroup

The Vertice MedTechGroup is a collection of South African companies with specialist skill sets, an established track record with defined medical focus areas with many years of practical skill and with experience in several medical specialities, which it offers to identified stakeholders to achieve best medical industry practise and best possible healthcare delivery to African patients.

Vertice’s medium-term strategy is to become the leading specialised MedTech group in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa:

This strategy is being implemented through a buy and build investment thesis augmented by digitisation and support function optimisation.

Ethos and the Vertice management team are working together to ensure that Vertice implements operational excellence for each of Vertice’s businesses and has the resources (people, capital, etc) to successfully execute the strategy and establish governance that embeds executive freedom within accountability to the board.

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