Microval is a company dedicated to the design and manufacturing of innovative cardiovascular implants and prostheses for surgical repair and recently added fixation devices to the product range. Since its foundation in 1994, this company has been successful in developing major innovative and patented medical devices.

High technologies for micro mechanical and specific textile applications are being implemented on MICROVAL’s premises close to Saint-Etienne and Lyon. Expert engineers and technicians in EDM, laser and super finishing techniques run this ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certified firm.

3D Anatomical Mesh
The 3D anatomical prosthesis is a Polypropylene knitted mesh especially designed for tissue reinforcement in hernia repair through laparoscopic approach or conventional laparotomy.

The implantation of the prosthesis is easy thanks to its controlled rigidity; once enrolled and inserted into the trocar, it can spread out and recover its initial three-dimensional shape. Its geometry suits the right or left inguino-pelvic area, which reduces the use of staples needed to fix and secure the prosthesis.

Fixation Device - SPIRE’IT
SPIRE’IT® is a mechanical suture used for implant fixation and tissue approximation. It is useful in many surgical operations such as abdominal wall and Inguinal hernia or prolapse repair.

SPIRE’IT® suture is made with nickel-titanium shape memory alloy - NITINOL. At rest, it has a two contiguous spires coil shape. It is available in instrument lengths suitable for conventional as well as Laparoscopic Surgery.