PAJUNK® Medizintechnik is one of the leading producers of complete medical systems for the different application-methods in four areas: Laparoscopy, Regional Anaesthesia, Biopsy, and Dental Medicine, although Legacy Medical only represents Pajunk in Laparoscopy.

The success story of the company PAJUNK® began in the mid 1960’s. Horst and Heinrich Pajunk started their enterprise with a high level of branch-know-how and knowledge in engineering - the enterprise grew step by step and showed continual innovative strength. In the mid 1970’s, their own product line was developed in co-operation with physicians. Today, around 90% of the turnover is achieved with PAJUNK® products in the areas of Laparoscopy(12%), Regional Anaesthesia(65%), Biopsy(12%) as well as Dental Medicine(10%).

Modular instruments for suction and irrigation (with diathermy) from PAJUNK® are uncomplicated and versatile at the same time. All handles and tubes of one series can be combined individually with each other. Assembling and disassembling can be done without any tools.

The PAJUNK® balloon systems are ideally suited to either the Hassan entry technique in laparoscopic surgery and has a space creating range specifically for endoscopic totally extraperitoneal hernioplasty (TEP) or preperitonial organ intervention. With this method, the preperitoneal space is dilated pneumatically by inserting and inflating a balloon and for hernia surgery the abdominal wall is reinforced with a synthetic mesh. Not only the risk of infection, but also the size of the incision is significantly reduced, and at the same time the necessary recovery time after the operation is minimised.