Lagis Endosurgery was established to improve the quality of Endosurgical procedures through advancements in surgical instrument technology. Lagis Endosurgery creates innovative medical device solutions within Minimally Invasive Surgery for Gynaecology and General Surgery.

The engineering teams work closely with surgeons to create safe and innovative solutions to common surgical problems with commitment to safety and innovation in laparoscopic access. Lagis Access systems are designed to support medical professionals worldwide with the widest selection of tip configurations of Conical, Blunt and Shielded Bladed for laparoscopic access. For use in any laparoscopic procedures, Lagis access systems provide excellent port retention and leave a small, tight defect upon removal. The Advanced General Converter design aid physicians in meeting the demands of today's laparoscopy.

Product features include:

  • Easy to penetrate abdominal wall due to the unique design of each distal tip
  • Widest range of cannula length varieties, options from 55mm to 150mm
  • Built-in Latex Free ‘True-Seal ™’ to adapt from 5mm to 12mm shaft apertures.
  • Additional reducer/ seal converter is eliminated
  • Superior abdominal wall retention
  • Very ergonomic housing design
  • Funnel shaped lead in, housing for intuitive one handed instrument insertion