Endometrial Ablation Device

This is a minimally invasive procedure using a balloon thermal endometrial ablation system for the treatment of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding. This is typically presented in patients with heavy menstrual periods, also known as menorrhagia and is a very common problem. The Cavaterm™ System is manufactured by PNN Medical, a Swiss Company. This minimally invasive system consists of a central unit (generator) and a single-use patented adjustable balloon catheter. This system is based on a balloon technology, combining heat and pressure applied during a running cycle of 10 minutes, optimizing the best possible patient outcome.

The Cavaterm™ is also an effective long-term alternative to other treatment methods such as drug therapy, loop resection, roller ball ablation and hysterectomy. One of the reasons for the high satisfaction rate of up to 95% is that the treatment takes place on an outpatient one day basis and women can return to their daily routines shortly afterwards.

Special features:

  • Balloon-length adjustment allows the balloon to fit optimally in every uterine cavity and protects the outside of the cavity from heat damage.
  • Liquid circulation ensures a uniform temperature on the balloon surface.
  • Easy pressure adjustment system which can be maintained and adjusted at any time during the procedure which allows a good and constant heat penetration into basal layers.
  • Catheter insulation protects the cervix and the vagina from undesirable burns.
  • The Soft-Heat™ heating elements deliver the appropriate temperature for optimal tissue coagulation, exactly where the heat is needed, thus preventing undesired side effects.

Major advantages:
  • Safe, simple and reliable for healthcare professionals and their patients.
  • Quick and simple set-up and preparation.
  • The small diameter of the catheter allows easy insertion.
  • No or minimal intra- or postoperative complications.
  • Permanent treatment.
  • No hormonal pre-treatment required.
  • Minimal invasive treatment.