Legacy Medical actively started doing business in May 2004 and focused exclusively on the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) market.

MIS can be defined as, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures which permits access to the internal organs without use of a customary large incision. The patient enjoys the same benefits of traditional open surgery, but recovery time and pain medication is greatly reduced. Advancements in MIS continue to revolutionise the quality of patients’ surgical care and the way in which these patients receive surgery for gallbladder, hernia, gynaecological, urological, cardio vascular and weight loss surgery. The value of these advancements in MIS is equally as important as the growth and advancements now being realised throughout the global healthcare system.

Through its commitment to working closely with suppliers, surgeons and healthcare administrators, Legacy continues to source new products combined with supportive education and training sessions that are both innovative and technology driven. It is the company’s opinion that this approach provides better value to the patient and the healthcare system.

Legacy’s strength is based on its intellectual capital. The Company has a national sales team that offers an outstanding level of service to the market place and this is what differentiates it from its competitors. Management’s experience on surgical products at Legacy Medical ranges from twelve to sixteen years. All management have historically held positions in management and/or sales at multinational companies such as Johnson & Johnson Medical and Covidien. Most of the sales staff complement has 6-8 years experience in the market place and their qualifications range from clinical technologists to registered nursing/theatre staff.

Keys to success

Due to our diversity in our product offering we can service our target customers with all their needs. Our sales representatives are well trained to add professional value to our customers. Our approach is focused and aggressive to obtain growth in the market and to make your needs our needs ... all with exceptional results.